Those pitching their press releases at Pitch to Media on Wednesday 8th August will be pithcing to Serkan Ozturk , Sydney-based Journalist and News Editor with Evolution Publishing for SX magazine and our website Gay News Network.

He has previously written for the Sydney Morning Herald on a freelance basis and have appeared on SBS Television and a number of radio stations.

Some of his previous articles and features have included topics on science, politics, sports, drugs policy, general news and current affairs, LGBTIQ affairs, as well as pop culture.

He also have a bit of experience in stand-up comedy and own a black and white cat called Picnic Jeeves.

Advice from Serkan Ozturk on how to get more media attention

Q1: From all the press releases you get, which ones capture your interest?

As I work as News Editor, I’m reading plenty of press releases as well as news articles every day. It’s usually an unconscious thing but I suspect the ones that capture my interest are ones that understand the zeitgeist (issues, trends, current language etc) and are simply written while providing a wider context for whatever the main message is.

I also prefer press releases which are not overloaded with links or URLs. Use these sparingly so as to ensure a higher chance of people reading those extra bits.

Q2: What do Small Businesses need to include in their next press release?

Your press release is always more likely to be picked up if the Editor knows that there are other people who may hold similar views or have an interesting perspective on your product or message.

So, give yourself that extra chance by including in your press release a quote from a reputable group or notable individual who is already well-known to the media organisation you are targeting.

Q3: Should you change your press release for different media mediums?

Of course.

Press releases should be tailored to take into account the different forms of media there is (mainstream, specialist, niche etc)

Please do not send the same press release you would to The Australian newspaper for example that you would to a small business-to-business or trade magazine.

Different audiences want different stories and so your press release should be written with this in mind.

Q4: What is your pet hate about people submitting press releases?

People submitting press releases that obviously have no hope in ever being covered in a weekly GLBTI publication and/or on our website as News.

The latest electric kettle or whatnot is not News per se for us, please send such material to a small news organisation’s sales team, not their News Editor.

Q5: What’s your TOP 3 tips for small businesses looking to get media coverage for their business through your media outlet?

1) Please be aware that journalists are juggling dozens of things at once, particularly at smaller media organisations. If it is not time-sensitive, please do not follow-up your press release for three to five days as journalists are on the phone enough without needing to deal with a pushy PR person. If we decide to cover something you will usually hear from us within a few days.

2) As we’re a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (GLBTI) publication, please consider the audience and communities who your message or news will be going out to. Please be organic and grassroots if your business is trying to promote a gay-friendly side. Our readers are intelligent and many can tell when a business is being disingenuous in its claims of catering to a GLBTI crowd.

3) Try and attach one to five quality images relevant to the press release. Please also try to send any images as attachments and NOT as included in the email’s body-text. This makes it much easier for our designers to retrieve the image and play around with it.

Q6: How can people follow you?

People can follow me via my Twitter account: @MrSerkanOzturk

I also be found at LinkedIn:


Join Serkan Ozturk and the rest of the Media Panel at the Pitch to Media on Wednesday 8th August from 6pm at The City Hotel in Sydney. BOOK NOW


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