My mandate to the Liberal Party. Whats yours?

With the elections decided, I seem to have wasted another opportunity to push candidates to offer a different approach to their predictable negative scare campaign. Besides being a silent voter I wanted to offer the Liberals a few ideas for their CHANGE mandate now that they actually need come up with things to push in parliament.

I am sure  you all received letters telling you what you want and why you should vote for them. I am also sure most Australians have never been asked what you actually want or what you think politicians should push for in their constituency.

So here is my letter to the politicians in charge with our country now. The below points might seem to be purely domestic, this does not mean I dont care about our International position. I just don’t think the general public have enough information to make an informed decision about matters given what politicians say and what the media choose to share.

So here are 5 issues that I think should be on the agenda of politician and 5 issues which I think need review & implementation urgently:

1. Scrap stamp duty for Green House Duty:

Stamp duty is an outdated tax that needs a serious overhaul. We have an opportunity to seriously make this COST meaningful and relevant in todays society.

I recommend introducing the Green House Duty, a tiered cost on people buying houses according to the houses GREEN STATUS. Sellers of houses will be incentivised to invest in green technology, structures and products to reduce the cost to buyers and make it buyer friendly.

Lets reward people for having roof gardens, water tanks, green technology systems, solar panels and a green architectural design. Businesses gets rated,why don’t homes?

I would also stipulate that all new houses built from 2104 be built with GREEN in mind, or a further duty be stipulated on sellers.

2. Abolish White Collar Pickpockets from our street

I am talking about Charity workers that harass you on the streets. These are paid people (students and foreigners looking for easy money) to steal innocent people’s money through guilt. Why do non for profits get away with using sleazy tactics to take your money.

I agree some level of non for profit promotion is required; first lets start with volunteers and second lets keep it to private locations where people have permission to stand.

3. Stop the wasteful Govt advertising

The government has a TV Station, radio station and banner advertising platforms (train stations, bus stops and buses). So why do they buy external media?

If government is forced to rely on their own platforms for advertising they might put more effort into making them work and function for the people.

4. Ban all smoking in public

I have had enough. Smokers must now be forced to smoke on their private property or in smoking only locations. I am tired of being forced to inhale smoke at bus stops, walking down the street or at restaurants when i want to sit outside looking at the view.

Restaurants are giving the best spots (outside with a view) to smokers, forcing non smokers to sit inside. Why can you not enjoy Australia’s fine weather and food without smokers?

5. Schools must change with the times

School curriculum is not changing with the times and needs of society. We need to be teaching kids about money, entrepreneurism and health, not religion and just 6 core academic skills that they will learn in university if they wish to pursue greater academic excellence.

Schools must have yoga classes every morning instead of stifled assemblies and a ban on all junk food in tuckshops.


Issues that need I would want reviewed and more positive platforms implemented to balance the needs of society urgent requirements:

1. International Students are causing property problems.

International students are keeping universities in business, the economy growing and property prices soaring.

A plan needs to be introduced to avoid the NSW property market going into an artificial bubble with foreign students purchasing property at exorbitant rates.

Plans also need to be introduced to rethink the cost of buying an Australian passport. Presently at $1.5million and $5million need to be increased and restructured.

2. “Junk” Take Away food is a billion dollar problem on our society

Junk kills and buying a McDonalds is cheaper then eating healthy in Australia. Stricter measures need to be put in place on food we consumer, where it comes from, what it includes and its nutritional value.

Fat and sugar are too products that must be prevented from consuming a nation.

3. Citizenship is to easy, citizenship to be based on social engagement, points system

I became a citizen by raising my hand and swearing to the Queen after 2 years. Oh, I also had to answer 5 easy questions. While I know things have changed since then, I would like to see residents earn their right in society.

A points system can be introduced by completing tasks in society. Volunteerism and society involvement are important to the integration of different cultures into the fabric of local society.

4. Tax breaks not just for Big Industry.

We need to implement opportunities for tax relief for joining/playing in local sports club, investment into small business/start-ups and entrepreneurship.

We need to encourage, assist and support Australian businesses explore relationships and opportunities in Asia.

5. Streamline the Small Business red tape

We need to simplify the bureaucratic procedures for small business owners, showcase the personalities of business owners and improve the health of business owners are just some measures suggested by COSBOA

Micro, small business, entrepreneurism and big business are different businesses and beasts. We need to treat them differently by creating different layers of HR, legal, capital and tax obligations and regulations. The more you turn over and generate as a business the greater your responsibility and obligation to society and your staff. The smaller your turn over the more flexibility you get within your business with fewer costs and restrictions.

6. Broadband is important

Yes we deserve faster broadband than Abbot wants to give us but not at the cost of Labours plan, the cost will blow to $100 billion and this is just way more than most countries are spending.

Private sector needs to play a bigger role and better plan needs to devised by people who understand technology and not politicians.

I don’t believe government has the skills and ability to manage this project on budget and on time.


Lastly a thought for four years time…

As a voter I want to vote on what politicians have done over the past three years rather than on the lip service they give us leading up to an election.

If you wanted to do it, why have you not tabled it in parliament, why have you not put it on the agenda in council and why have you not said so before.

As voters let us judge people on what they have achieved not what they save they want to do with no accountability on whether they deliver.



*these are my opinions, I welcome yours if you are willing discuss positively the best options for a better society.