Solving small business problems on Growth Strategies Carl Taylor


Solving small business problems on Growth Strategies with Carl Taylor

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Who isĀ Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor is the Author of Red Means Go!, and founder of Business Builders Academy, helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to think bigger and work smarter by Buying, Building and Selling businesses.

At only 27 years old, he’s achieved more than many twice his age. Travelling the world, writing a #1 Book, buying businesses with no money, winning entrepreneurial awards, selling businesses and inspiring thousands of people around the world.

Carl started his first business at age 15, as a shy, introverted kid who knew nothing about business and today is going to share with you the secrets and strategies he has learnt over the last 12 years, studying the greats like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and through building his own businesses and now helping others to step up to another level and become a truly strategic, significant and serial entrepreneur.

Helps Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Think Bigger, Work Smarter

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Solving small business problems on Growth Strategies Carl Taylor

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