How to earn $160 for 8 introductions now and $320 for the next 8 introductions?

And then $640 for 8 personal introductions, until you could be earning $2000 for every 8 high quality professional and direct introductions between two people with business opportunities.

8Contacts has members waiting to pay well-connected people in cities around Australia and worldwide to be directly, professionally and personally introduced to their ideal contacts.

As a well-connected person you just need to apply for the role of making the connections as a Connector on 8Contacts on each role posted. If selected by the member, you will make the introductions after a 60min consultation with the member to ensure you know which connections to make.

“Become a professional connector and a freelance business ambassador for global brands”

As a connector you start on level one ($200, minus 20% commission fee) per consultation. If you deliver the connections to a 7 or better rating from the member you go to level two ($400 minus commission). Then you keep raising levels after several positive reviews, up to level five paying you $2000 per 8 connections / consultation.

8Contacts is all about connecting people who don’t know each other but offer good business opportunities for both parties.

Our members are looking to take the risk of expanding their business into new regions and countries by building quality relationships with their ideal contacts.

  • Maybe you know their 8 ideal contacts in your city to recommend their service or product
  • Maybe you connect members to eight highly-networked joint-venture partners that could potentially double their business
  • Maybe you introduce members to the most reliable and cost-effective suppliers.
  • Maybe you are the perfect contact overseas who know ALL the best manufacturers for a business

The right connections in business are priceless. So why not become a well-paid connector that opens doors and gets recognised as the leading connector in your industry and country.

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How to earn $160 for 8 introductions now and $320 for the next 8 introductions?
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