Meet the Networker: Ludwina Dautovic

Today we meet the well connected Melbourne based Networker on 8Contacts, Ludwina Dautovic.

Company: The Red Tent Woman/
Position: Director
City/Country: Melbourne, Australia
8contact Profile:

Describe Yourself as a Person?
Extravert, opportunity and possibility focused, driven, kind, nurturing, well connected, great communicator,

In what industries are you well connected?
Small business, entrepreneurs, publishing, networking, authors and speakers,  CEO’s of major corporations, online publications, online PR, offline PR companies,

How did you get well connected in those Industries?
There are a couple of reasons. I used to run networking events all over Australia. I ran these for 6 years which connected me with business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the country.

In the past couple of years I’ve been producing a podcast show – Red Tent Radio, which has seen me interview highly successful people from all over the world. The rapport I have with them once I’ve interviewed has gone on to create some massive joint venture partnerships.

What’s your philosophy to smart Networking?
It’s important that you’re clear about your outcomes. What do you want to achieve from networking?

If it’s to collect a bunch of business cards then it’s a waste of time. Be focused and present well when you’re meeting potential new business partners.

I also believe in networking on the concept of one to many not one to one. What I mean is that I don’t network to create one client; I network to potentially create many clients.

What have you learned about people from networking extensively?
I’ve learned that many people don’t know how to network effectively and more importantly, they don’t follow up. Plus they don’t look for opportunities everywhere they are. You don’t have to wait to attend a networking event to think you can make business contacts.

Let me give an example, Last night I was out for dinner on my own. I met two different business people. We talked and I offered to speak to them during business hours. Today I followed them up and have two meetings lined up for next week. Opportunities are everywhere. You just have to notice them.

What is your favourite social media tool and why?
I believe in building strong, ongoing relationships so I find that Facebook works best for me. It gives people the chance to easily connect with me and vise versa.

Plus I can engage with them easily via personal messaging and then becoming friends. If used wisely and efficiently, it can work very well for any business.

Describe your Networking Consultation(s) and how you build peoples businesses through the right contacts?
I would first learn what you’re hoping to achieve and the outcomes you want through the connections we’ll create. I would then recommend people to you and show you the best way to connect with them. Where possible I would CC you both in an email and introduce you formally.

Or if it was necessary, I would personally call them myself and begin the conversation for you.

When you connect 8Contacts members to your contacts; what would you recommend they do to maximise their opportunity with the contact?
It’s imperative that they research the person well before making contact to ensure they are well versed on who they are and what they do.

I would also recommend that you are clear about what you hope to achieve from the connection and to be clear about what’s in it for them.

Finally, create a potential concept of how you might work collaboratively together.

Good research, being well prepared and serving others is the best way to start this process.

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