Our only competition has always been our last event

Jac Bowie shares her 7 Small BUsiness Insights with Sydney Business Month.

Jac Bowie Presents is a multi-disciplined arts production, touring and events company based in Sydney, Australia. She has extensive experience within cabaret, musicals, theatre, visual arts, music, corporate events and other genres.

As producer she is experienced (with over 500 events under her belt), innovative and marketing and entertainment expert.

She has a extensive track record delivering successful (and profitable) large scale events focusing on mainstream and eclectic entertainment. We have also curated entertainment for several festivals and programmed promotions, events and entertainment for venues.

1. What was the biggest turning point in your business and what brought it on?

Learning how to delegate. There came a point when I couldn’t do everything myself. Once I started to free up my time, leaving specialised tasks to the experts, I was able to focus on what I do best! Which is sell tickets!

2. What has been your biggest learning experience running your business?

Be careful mixing friendship with business. I learned a very hard lesson about this earlier in the year.

3. What’s the best advice you ever got for your business?

Perception is everything.

4. What do you think is the biggest change that Business Owners will need to adapt to over the next 2 years

Be more Social Networking savvy. Think outside the square with unique ways to engage with customers. A post Facebook really doesn’t cut it anymore. C reate activity, and excitement and involvement. Keep this at the forefront of your mind the next time to post to Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn or Pinterest.

5. What piece of technology or app can you not live without every day to make your business more efficient?

Smartr for email / contact management and Capsule CRM to prioritise tasks and keep me motivated and on track!

6. What business strategies are you focusing on to grow your business over the next year?

Joining forces with other partners that can help grow our business, and help us to work smarter.

7. One thing you want NSW Government to change to help small business grow?

More accessible grants, mentorships and tools to help startups.
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MORE ABOUT Jac Bowie AT www.jacbowie.com and www.facebook.com/jacbowie2011

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Our only competition has always been our last event
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