Sean Grobbelaar

Sean Grobbelaar, while being a South African in Sydney Australia, he has managed  build a long list of notable experiences, achievements and skills in the past decade.

Not only has he excelled in the Travel Retail industry as an expert retailer to the growing Chinese Buyers coming into Australia, he has forged a reputation as Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach, launched ambitious national events, featured on national media channels and been an active player in the technology start-up scene.

Sean desire to build his business has been achieved through his skills in effective networking across many industries and disciplines. His success in business and his passion in life have created many mutually beneficial relationships between people and businesses.

As Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and Trainer he continues to share his 12 Steps to Effective Networking via one-on-one coaching, ongoing smart networking workshops and effective networking seminars for corporations.

As a self starter and startup entrepreneur, Sean continues to work with new technology and ideas to enhance the way people connect and share information.

Sean is presently busy working on several new startups including: 

Sean strongly believes in creating partnerships and synergy for business success, and welcomes your connection.

Since his launch into business in 2006 Sean has become a Media and TV personality featuring on Channel 7’s Morning Show and Today Tonight, Channel 9’s Today Show and in The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, Time Out Magazine, Men’s Style, The Age, The Herald and Sunday Life Magazine.

In the past Sean has been innovative force with concepts like: GetHitched, Attraction Master Class Tour, Passion for Life Expo for Singles, Twenty20 Singles Speed Dating and Sydney Small Business Month Workshops.

What people have said:

“His genuine honesty and passion makes him an attractive and popular hit with audiences.”

“Sean’s empathy for people, and passion for assisting businesses makes him a unique asset. His style is commanding, but caring and his vast personal experience in networking allows him to speak from the heart.”

Sean welcomes you to chat and connect with him.

I trust you will connect with him on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @Sydneygotoman or send him an e-mail at sean (at)

He would be happy to assist you with any question.