Step 4: The Networkers Profile

On login you will arrive at your Dashboard.

You will see all your profile information listed and your upload consultations.

You can EDIT your profile, add new networking consultations and edit your existing consultations by clicking on the links below your image or by hovering your mouse over your name/email at the top left.

Select one of the options in the drop down box.

CLICK ON Edit profile to edit your Profile Information and Image

“Your Profile is your FIRST IMPRESSION and translates your persona to the members looking for Professional Networkers. Spend at least an hour getting your profile right so that it represents you as a brand”

Sean Grobbelaar is Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and start-up entrepreneur.

Sean’s desire to build his business has been achieved through his skills in effective networking across many industries and disciplines. His success in business and his passion in life have created many mutually beneficial relationships between people and businesses.

As Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and Trainer he continues to share his 12 Steps to Effective Networking via one-on-one coaching, ongoing smart networking workshops and effective networking seminars for corporations.

As a Startup Entrepreneur, Sean continues to work with new technology and ideas to enhance the way people connect and share information. Sean is presently busy working on several new startups including: and

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Step 4: The Networkers Profile
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