Step 5: How Professional Networkers upload their Networking Consultation

A Professional Networker can upload one or many Networking Consultations.

A “Networking Consultation” is when you are making yourself available to meet with members to connect them to quality contacts in a specific industry and location.

Click on ADD CONSULTATION on your dashboard.

10 Tips for making an appealing Networking Consultation

  1. Title: make it relevant to the person purchasing your time. The title should suggest who you are going to connect them to. i.e. Sydney’s Leading Small Business Leaders.
  2. Consultation Time: you set the time you are available to meet people for the 90 minute consultation. You can set one or many meeting times, however you can only meet with one person at a time. You can also repeat the meeting option. i.e. Monday 9am Weekly, 5pm daily and Friday 1pm Monthly.
  3. Description: write a detailed brief on who you know, how you connect members and why you are the most connected person in this industry. The more information the better.
  4. Industry: break your consultations up by industry. Focus on connecting people into specific industries where you are well connected.
  5. Video: make it person by adding a video of yourself to your consultation. You will connect better with our members with a personal message on a video.
  6. Pictures: don’t be shy upload a picture of yourself for your consultation. People want to see who they are going to meet.
  7. Meeting Location: you can offer a physical meeting location and/or a Skype meeting. We suggest both. Make the physical meeting in a central and easy to find café. Having the Skype option allows people who are not in your city to book a consultation with you.
  8. Save: once you have finished you must save it. Once saved it will feature alongside all networking consultations on the website. Members can search by industry.
  9. Share: tell the world you are now available on 8Contacts by sharing your consultation on Google+, LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook and Reddit.
  10. Q&A: make yourself available to answer questions posted on your consultation page.

All consultations feature on our social media platforms.

Members can search for Networking consultations by Industry, location and the Networkers level.

Inappropriate Networking Consultations will be unpublished and Networkers can be terminated from the site. Networkers are not allowed to do or offer anything illegal or be involved in illegal activities.

Sean Grobbelaar is Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and start-up entrepreneur.

Sean’s desire to build his business has been achieved through his skills in effective networking across many industries and disciplines. His success in business and his passion in life have created many mutually beneficial relationships between people and businesses.

As Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and Trainer he continues to share his 12 Steps to Effective Networking via one-on-one coaching, ongoing smart networking workshops and effective networking seminars for corporations.

As a Startup Entrepreneur, Sean continues to work with new technology and ideas to enhance the way people connect and share information. Sean is presently busy working on several new startups including: and

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Step 5: How Professional Networkers upload their Networking Consultation
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