Step One: Why signing up as a Professional Networker is a great move

Why becoming a Professional Connector is the greatest new career move

  1. Get paid for connecting people that have a WIN WIN synergy.
  2. The higher your ratings the more you get paid.
  3. No time wasted, it’s not a social media platform.
  4. You set the time you want to meet people and where.
  5. You only meet with members you agree to meet with – you are in control.
  6. Connect your contacts to new opportunities they will appreciate.
  7. Search for opportunities to connect members in the Job Board.
  8. Become a recognized Professional Networker Globally.

You need to register your interest to become a networker at – click on the “Become a Networker” orange button

Sean Grobbelaar is Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and start-up entrepreneur.

Sean’s desire to build his business has been achieved through his skills in effective networking across many industries and disciplines. His success in business and his passion in life have created many mutually beneficial relationships between people and businesses.

As Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and Trainer he continues to share his 12 Steps to Effective Networking via one-on-one coaching, ongoing smart networking workshops and effective networking seminars for corporations.

As a Startup Entrepreneur, Sean continues to work with new technology and ideas to enhance the way people connect and share information. Sean is presently busy working on several new startups including: and

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Step One: Why signing up as a Professional Networker is a great move
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