Top 10 reasons why Business Travellers book Local Socialite in cities around the world.

Local Socialites on Night Out with a socialite get paid by our members to showcase their cities best nightlife. There are actually ten very common reasons why our members either book one of the socialite experiences or request a customized VIP Nightlife Experience that make Socialites very useful.

These are the 10 top reasons why our members find our local socialites so very cool.

#1 Don’t want to sit in their hotel room

After a long day at work the last you want to do is sit in your hotel room with room service alone when you are in an exciting new city. Our members often complain about the boredom of being alone when they travel. Our Socialites give you the opportunity to explore the cities best nightlife, hangout with cool people and have fun.

#2 Drinking alone sucks

Whether you are in your hotel room, hotel bar or any bar for that matter, drinking alone is rather boring. Our socialites are fun locals who enjoy a good chat over a few drinks, plus you’re more likely to meet other locals on your night out.

#3 Not sure where to go or what to do

The challenge is always finding the right places or getting into the best place. A concierge can tell you where to go, but after that you are all by yourself in finding the place. Your research might tell you which places are cool but they don’t tell you which nights, what’s happening on that night and what’s new in the city.

#4 Not sure how safe it is at night

It’s the biggest response we get from our female members; our socialites ensure you have a safe and fun night out. Walking in a pack and walking in the right places with a local keeps you safe while you are having fun. Over 60% of our Socialites are female, so they appreciate and understand our member’s safety is the most important factor to a good night out.

#5 Never end up at the cool places

Every city is different but for many cities you have to be a local to know what is good on a specific night and where to go out. Getting into the best bars and nightclubs often requires you to be a member, on a guest list or know someone…. knowing our socialites certainly gets you into more places and better places.

#6 Meet local people on a fun night out

We all know that having a friend in different cities makes traveling easier. Its easy access into meeting new people and partying like you’re a local. You might consider your night out with a socialite like a night out with a new friend.

#7 Entertain clients

A growing demand from our members is getting our Socialites to take out groups of people. Companies are using our Socialites so they can entertain their clients on a big night out and ensuring they get into the best bars and get VIP Service. Members can now request customized VIP Nightlife experiences in the Planner page to cater for all nightlife needs.

#8 Don’t get ripped off

Locals can spot a tourist a mile away and quickly up their prices. and how are you to know the difference. Socialites get our members into venues for free, sometimes they get drinks (must review what’s included) and other cool extra’s. Most importantly local socialites ensure our members pay what locals are paying for food, drinks and anything else you want (no drugs or sexual services allowed).

#9 Learn more about the city

Our Socialites like a good chat about everything. Not only are they knowledgeable about where to go and what to do, some have vast and interesting side projects. Talking with a local always gives you a different perspective of the city and country. Our Socialites always have interesting stories to share.

#10 It’s NOT sex

For too long tourists have had limited options for a night out; its either cheap and nasty bar crawls with 50 young people, quiet dinners alone at hotel bars or “happy ending” options. For those with an appreciation for quality experiences that don’t degrade people, Night Out With a Socialite plans to deliver the worlds widest range of VIP Nightlife experiences to cater for all tastes.

If you want to benefit from having a Socialite show you around town and experience the best nightlife in cities around the world, join as a member on Night Out With a Socialite. If you are a local socialite you can signup for free to become a socialite.

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Top 10 reasons why Business Travellers book Local Socialite in cities around the world.
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