What is a Networking Consultation on 8Contacts

It’s how well-connected people in their industry get paid to connect business people with synergy as a professional networkers.

A Networking Consultation is a 90 minute consultation with a professional networker on 8Contacts to learn more about your business needs and connect you to quality contacts in a specific industry and/or location that can help you empower and grow your business.

When and Where do Networkers need to have these Networking Consultations?

Networkers setup their Networking Consultations; by outlining when they are available to meet with members by day and time. Networkers can then repeat their consultation daily, weekly or monthly. Networkers are in full control on when they want to make themselves available for consultations. Networkers also setup where they want to meet by physical location and/or via a skype meeting.

Be specific on who you can connect members to with each consultation by industry. Read more on Tips for setting up your consultation.

How much do Professional Networkers get paid?

Professional Networkers are paid according to their Level. Every Networker starts on Level 1 ($99 per consultation) but can move to Level 5 ($750 per consultation) with positive reviews from consultations. Networkers move up the levels ( and pay grades) with 7+ reviews and rating. Ensuring members pay professional networkers according to their history in delivering quality contacts to their clients. Read more.

After 10 positive reviews of 7 or higher you will be charging $750 per consultation with members.

How do Members purchase a Networking Consultation?

Members can review all Networking Consultations available by clicking on the Consultations Tab in the header. They can filter networking consultations via the Search Box on the right side. Members can filter by Location, Industry, Experience and the Networkers Level.

On finding a suitable networking consultation, the member must answer three question before booking the consultation. Members pay for the consultation when the networker has confirm the appointment.

Do Networkers have to meet and connect every member?

No, after the member has made the booking the networker will receive an email of notification of the booking with the response to the three questions. The Questions are 1. Who do you want to connect with 2. Why do you want to connect with them 3 How will these connections empower your business. On this information and the members profile, the networker must either accept or deny the booking.

On accepting the booking, the member must pay to ensure the meeting goes ahead.

What should Networkers do during the 90 minute consultation?

The 90 minute consultation either in person or over skype is an opportunity for the networker to understand the members business, what contacts the member needs and outline the potential synergies available.

The networker does not need to connect the person immediately at the meeting. The networker also has full discretion on who they want to connect the member too in their contact base.

We highly recommend networkers finish the meeting by letting the member know who they will connect them to and why they are making the connection.

Do you have to connect paying members to 8 or more people every time?

Yes and No. Yes, in that we believe 8 quality contacts is an achievable benchmark in many industries and cities.

We expect our well connected professional networkers to connect people to 8 or more suitable contacts that offer a WIN WIN business opportunity.

No, in that we understand that in some bookings (given the members objectives) there are only a few people in the position and industry that the person wants to be connected into. It is important that Networkers make this point clear to members in their networking consultation description if their industry contacts are limited.

We continue to tell members to focus on the quality of the contact and the connection made by the networker, and not simply the quantity of contacts.

How should Networkers connect members to their contacts?

Networkers should connect members to suitable contacts firstly by phone call or email. It is important to connect members directly and personally to quality contacts.

Networkers can also you social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to connect the member to your large network to ensure you maximize the connections for the networker. However networkers should NOT rely on social media as the primary medium of connection for the first 8 contacts.

When sending an email to their contacts; networkers should say why they are making the connection, how it the connection is a synergy and cc the member into the email with their contact details.

When do Networkers get paid for the booking

You get paid 3 working days (via paypal) after the member posts a review and rating on your networking consultation, as long as there was no complaint or a score of 1 or less. Members only have to rate and review the networker once they have delivered on making the connections as discussed during their consultation.

The quicker you make the quality connections, the quicker members will rate and review your networking consultation so you can get paid. Networkers will automatically get paid 27 days after the networking consultation if no review/rating was made or no complaints were lodged.

Why would Networkers NOT get paid

8Contacts wants to make this the best platform in the world for B2B connections. We want people to think of 8Contacts as the smartest and most efficient way to connect with the right contacts. So we will not tolerate or condone the following behavior on 8Contacts from Professional Networkers.

  • Sell or promote their business products and services
  • Up sell members to a higher service outside of 8Contacts
  • Demand commissions on delivery of contacts or on successes
  • Move the set meeting location for the consultation without members approval
  • Contact the member outside of the platform to discuss business opportunities
  • Force members to release their consultation fee until they have delivered their connections

We only want networkers who are serious about connecting people with a WIN WIN synergy.

Failure of networkers to deliver the right contacts, or abid by the code of conduct, will result in poor reviews, possibly no payment and potentially deletion from the 8Contacts site.

Please read the follow terms and conditions, click here

The benefits of signing up to be a Professional Networker on 8Contacts.

  1. Get paid for connecting people with a WIN WIN synergy.
  2. The higher your ratings the more you get paid.
  3. No time wasted, it’s not a social media platform.
  4. You set the time you want to meet people and where.
  5. You only meet with members you agree to meet with – you are in control.
  6. Connect your contacts to new opportunities they will appreciate.
  7. 8Contacts is the best rating and review platform for well connected people.
  8. Become a recognized Professional Networker Globally.

How do I sign up to be a Professional Networker in your city?

If you believe you have what it takes to be a professional networker, sign up at www.8Contacts.com

We are looking for well-connected people in all industries in cities around the world.

Still go questions contact us at SUPPORT, read the 8Contacts Blog and check out How it Works Page. Otherwise we always like to chat with people on Twitter @8Contacts

Sean Grobbelaar is Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and start-up entrepreneur.

Sean’s desire to build his business has been achieved through his skills in effective networking across many industries and disciplines. His success in business and his passion in life have created many mutually beneficial relationships between people and businesses.

As Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach and Trainer he continues to share his 12 Steps to Effective Networking via one-on-one coaching, ongoing smart networking workshops and effective networking seminars for corporations.

As a Startup Entrepreneur, Sean continues to work with new technology and ideas to enhance the way people connect and share information. Sean is presently busy working on several new startups including:

www.NightOutWithaSocialite.com and www.8Contacts.com

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What is a Networking Consultation on 8Contacts
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