Why Did I Sponsor Sydney Business Month

Hi its Jenny Shippen from The ICANetwork here a proud dual sponsor of Sydney Business Month this  year and people ask me why do I do it?


The reason is simple I believe that the growth of small business is the way of securing improved global economy, when you look at the amount of jobs that are created by thriving small business”s our countries employment rate depends on it.   Very often this great resource is ignored if a major company with potential of 1000 job cuts happens it makes front page news item but if 500 small business” who are owned and operated with a staff of 2 also go out of business no one knows or cares this doesnt even rate a mention but s the same amount of job losses  would have occurred and flow on effect  would be just as devestating.  The government might offer to save the large company but will not offer to help the small business owners.


This is why I became involved as our company offers products to help small business compete with the big guys at a very low entrance price from as little as $40 US a month you can have a mobile presence on the net that you own the content of and physically linked to google maps to help potential customers locate you This even comes with a 30 day  TRIAL period and we do not have contracts to sign locking business in try it out and if you dont like it let us know pay nothing just a way of letting you experience this at no cost or risk to your business involved


When I see a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SIGN on the door I see the big picture not just a change of business owner coming but the effect it has on the present owner often people I have known for years my kids played with theirs and know the flow on effects involved. I have been involved in market research for many years and know how traumatic events can affect people. Being out in the field I noticed how many local shopping centres had more and more empty spaces in them over time


I feel that the products we offer and future products we offer fill a real need out there for small business owners to finally level the playing field where search results are interest driven and not dependent on budget limitations 


I hope this blog gives you a little more insight into how passionate I am about seeing small business not only survive but thrive in these hard economic times and I fell that by lowering their advertising and promotion costs and increasing profit margins by utilising our products which dont even require technical knowledge or expertise to get the full benefits from creates a WIN WIN situation for all of us I hope you agree

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Why Did I Sponsor Sydney Business Month
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