World Boutique Beers #12 is Thunder Road

The VI Night Out Team head over to Melbourne to give the new Thunder Road Full Steam Pale Lager a go!

Launching a few weeks back, Thunder Road Brewery is Melbourne’s latest brewery, making its signature brew – the Full Steam Pale Lager, the city’s newest beer. Located in Barkly St, Brunswick, Thunder Road’s swanky, state-of-the-art brewery will eventually be open for food and drinks, but for now they’re focusing on the lager.

Designed as a session beer, the 4.6% Pale Lager is brewed using a four vessel steamed fired system, with the lagering taking four weeks after fermentation. This gives it a grassy, wheaty nose with a crisp, clean finish – nicely balancing a lager’s natural bitterness with hints of sweetness. In short, it goes down well.

Only available on tap, you’ll find Thunder Road’s lager at places like Beer Deluxe, Cheery Tree Hotel, The Local Tap House, Great Northern Hotel and Cookie. So next time you’re out and feeling thirsty, say g’day to our newest craft beer.


Unique and bold on one hand, classical and restrained on the other. Full Steam is a pale lager with a clean, pure, crisp malty profile, a subtle hint of wheatiness, a surprisingly rich texture and zippy German hops. We’ve taken the finest ingredients in the world and made something that tastes like a lager you dream to drink, only better.

PALE, LAGER [ABV 4.6% | IBU 25]

COLOUR – Straw, Brilliant, Delicate

AROMA – Grassy, Wheaty, Complex

FLAVOUR – Soft, Clean, Tangy


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World Boutique Beers #12 is Thunder Road
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