World’s Boutique Beer #15 Brooklyn Brewery

We take on New York based, Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Sorachi Ace beer!

This is a saison featuring the rare Japanese-developed hop Sorachi Ace.

I had this beer on tap at Buffalo Wild Wings in Kingston NY, poured into a pint glass.

Look: Golden Straw Hue, Passes Most Light, White Head that dissaptates into a layer, Decent Lacing

Smell: Black Pepper, Grassy, Lemons

Taste: Grassy, Black Pepper, Citrus

Medium: Decent Carbonation, Light to Medium Bodied, Crisp, Dry

Overall, a decent Saison with a nice balance of spicey and citrusy.

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, New York ~ This bottle-conditioned beer has been around for a couple of years but continues to make waves with its food-friendly flavors like lemon citrus, lemongrass, pepper spice, and floral notes. As beer dinner popularity grows, so too goes that of this refreshing beer that pairs well with everything from cheese to seafood to salads.

Meet the brew master at the Brooklyn Brewery.

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World’s Boutique Beer #15 Brooklyn Brewery
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